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Bicycle Skirt or Coat Guards - protect clothing and limbs from bike spokes

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Skirt or coat guards on the rear wheel are essential for those who wear normal clothes while riding their bicycle. They help to reduce the incidence of skirts, coats etc getting caught in the wheel/spokes. They are also essential for those who carry a child or other passenger on the rear of their bike as the skirt guards can also prevent their feet and clothing getting caught in the wheel.

A set of skirtguards includes one for the left and one for the right side of the rear wheel. Also included are zip ties to secure then to the mudguard of your bicycle. Yes - your bicycle must have a rear mudguard to install the skirt guards to.

The outside face of the skirt guards are black, the inside face is white.

There are two sizes that fit a good range of bikes - for 26" wheels or 28"/700c wheels - choose from the menu.


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