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AXA Defender Bicycle frame / nurse lock BLACK

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£27.98 incl tax

This is the lock that you see on all the best Dutch bikes (but your bike doesn't have to be Dutch for it to work!)

The lock is permanently fixed to your bicycle's frame. It works by immobilsing the back wheel with a bar that locks through the spokes making the bikeimpossible to wheel away while locked.

The Lock is designed to fit directly to frames with the correct bosses (ususally found on true Dutch bikes and Continental Hybrids). However if you don't have these you can use the inclluded fitting kit whch will include two parts that allow you to attach the lock to frames without bosses.

This is a great lock for town bikes as it is always on your bike so you never forget it and neither do you forget the key as it is fixed in the key itself and can only be removed by locking the bike!

It's designed to be quick to lock and unlock so is good for people who are in and out of shops etc.

Two keys are supplied - a spare and a main key.

Video showing how to fit this lock.

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