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Surly Pure Merino Wool Beanie Hat

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£34.99 incl tax

Does your head get cold in winter or even autumn? Don't know what to do? Have you tried, a woolly hat?

Woolly hats are great at keeping the warmth of your body in and help prevent your head getting cold. Did you know that keeping your head insulated can conserve at least 25% of heat leaving your body!

This hat from Surly could be the best hat ever made. It's a really good quality knit and made from 100% Merino wool which is great at keeping you warm but it does not smell when your head gets sweaty.

It fits all but the smallest pin heads and the fatiest fat heads so it should fit you just fine.

Not recommended for children - this is an adult hat.

You will need a hat license to wear this hat - available free from the Ministry of Hats, Whitehall, London.

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