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Humpert A118AC-ES Threadless 1/18" Headset with 65 Degree STEERING LOCK

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These are really very nice headsets. Normal, non-integrated, alloy and excellent quality. What sets them apart from other headsets is that they also hae a 65 degree (each way) steering lock. This means that the bars can not be turned at more than a 65 degree angle. This might seem counter intuitive but this is not dangrous! The main use for this type of headset is for bikes that use a kickstand that means the front wheel is slightly off the ground. This can mean the front wheel 'flops' when parked - limiting the movement to 65 degrees can prevent the bike from toppling. This is very important for bikes that are being used to carry children and/or cargo.


> Alloy
> 1 1/8" threadless
> Non integrated type
> 65 degree steering lock each way (see diagram)
> Weight - 130g
> Cartridge bearings
> Stack height - 38.9mm
> Colours - black or silver (choose from menu)

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