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IGARO D1 Mod. 5 (d105) USB Bicycle Hub Dynamo Charging Device - SON SHIMANO SP (WITH STABILITY BANK)

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£129.98 incl tax

NEW AND IMPROVED MODEL! - now includes Stability Bank & generic cable**!

This is a brilliant little, lightweight device for those who want to charge USB devices frm the hub dynamo. It's made in Great Britain and comes with a lifetime warranty* so you can be assured of the quality and performance of this product.

> Compatible with 3w dynamo hubs made by SON, Shimano or SP.
> Includes stability bank which makes charging at slow speeds smooth and interruption free.
> 25 year working life expectancy, 5 year international warranty*.
> Charges USB devices (two ports included)
> Not compatible with bottle dynamos.
> Zip tie and frame pads supplied to attach the IGARO to your frame/forks or bars.
> Brilliant manufacturer after-care service!
> Weight - 70g


> IP69 waterproof titanium body.
> 3A maximum power conversion.
> IP69 waterproof power and accessory sockets.
> Dynamo hub frequency monitoring.
> Over-voltage, short-circuit, over-heat protection.
> 100mm length, 7mm height, 13mm width.
> 20cm USB, 10cm power and 5cm accessory cable length (including connector).

**COMES WITH CABLE PACK FOR USE WITH SHIMANO, SP AND SON DYNAMOS:- For SON dynamos you will need to solder the supplied piggyback terminals onto the wire.

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