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IGARO D1 "Stability Bank" - Aids slow speed charging on Bicycle USB Device

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This accessory may boost an Igaro D1's performance at low speed and/or enhance compatibility with some fast charge devices. It is recommended for USB devices which can charge at a higher current rating such as larger smartphones and powerbanks, however most devices will see little or no charge rate improvement. Devices which we have identified as requiring this accessory are listed in compatibility while popular devices (iPhones, Garmin units) are well tested with the Igaro D1 and do not.

For those attempting to charge and run dynamo lights at the same time this accessory will cause the Igaro D1 to receive a greater share of the available power which in turn may cause lights to dim or flicker.

As this accessory is not a powerbank it won't offer power when the bicycle stops travelling.


> IP69 waterproof.
> 10mF capacity.
> 80mm length, 20mm diameter.
> 18cm cable (including connector)


> An Igaro D1 featuring a power socket.
> A USB device that fails to or charges at a poor rate at USB v2 (500mA).
> A USB device that fails to trickle charge at USB v1 (100mA).
> A USB device sensitive to minor voltage fluctuation


> Igaro D1, model 03 (d103)
> Sony Z1, Z3, Z5
> OnePlus One


If the Igaro D1 accessory port still has it's weather protection seal fitted gently use a screwdriver or similar to loosen and remove it.

Hiding this accessory up the crown fork hole (found at bottom of the fork in-between the legs) is the recommended place of installation. The device should be secure - if this isn't the case consider taping a small piece of sponge onto the side prior to insertion. This will prevent undue rattling and potential rubbing to the body.

Alternatively this accessory may be cable tied to a brake or gear cables located at the front of the bicycle.

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