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Qibbel Rear Child Seat for Bicycle - Seat Tube / Frame Mount

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£98.99 incl tax

Qibbel are a Dutch company that make excellent quality and value child seats.

This seat is designed to attatch to the seat tube of most bicycle frames.

The seat is complete and includes the main seat itself, styling set (which includes foot straps, seat cushion and arm rest covers) and also the TWO Qibbel fitting brackets that connect the seat itself to the frame (seatube) of your bike.
Some minor tool-free assembly required with seat upon arrival.

> For children upto the age of 6 years
> For children upto a maximum weight of 22kg
> Safety harness included
> Adjustable footrests
> Includes failsafe strap
> Complies with safety standard EN 14344

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