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Velo Orange Cigne Steel Ahead Goose Neck Style Bicycle Stem - 31.8 OS

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I don't think a more beautiful bicycle stem exists than these - we had to have a sit down in a dark room when we first saw these!

The Cigne stem gets its name from the French word for swan. The shape is inspired by the old gooseneck stems by Ibis and Cunningham, but with a few accommodations for modern bike needs. 1 1/8" threadless, 31.8mm handlebar clamp with a removable faceplate. 145mm vertically from the base of the stem to the center of the clamp. It's pretty useful for getting your handlebars up high without using a ton of spacers.

The Cigne functions as both your stem and top cap. Your star-nut should be approximately 1cm from the top of your steerer tube and you need at least 55mm of tube (metal only, not for use with carbon steerers). Now slide your stem on the steerer, slip in the long bolt with the washer, pretension with the long bolt, and clamp it down at the base. Use grease as needed.

90mm size weighs 343g.

Available in two stem reaches - 70mm or 90mm

Available in 3 finishes - black (Noir), high polish and nickel


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