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Busch & Muller Cycle Star E-Bike Bicycle Mirror with WIDE FIELD OF VIEW

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These are ideal for use with electric bicycles as they give you a very wide field of vision (handy for when you are speeding along!). However, they can also be used with regular bicycles.

The Cycle Star E rear view mirror comes with a large pentagon shaped mirror surface which allows for better rear viewing. The mirror has a protective soft component that frames the rear view mirror and is suitiable for E-bikes. The Cycle Star E mirror is designed with safety in mind so if impacted it simply folds down. This not only protects the rear view mirror, but also prevents injuries through flying debris. In most cases, you can fold out the mirror again after a fall and continue riding.

Key Features    

> 80 mm diameter mirror lens
> Pentagon shaped for large viewing area
> Approved for E-bikes
> Light weight approx.130g
> Fits securely to the bar end on both the left and right hand side 14.5mm to 18.5mm (internal diameters)
> Moves in all directions
> Anti corrosive materials used
> Features convex splinter proof lens with convex glass allows extra large field of view


> Bar end fit only (bung tigthens within the end of the bar)
> Dual fit with long arm (fit to either 22.2mm outer diameter handlebar end or using the supplied bar end bung.

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