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Lucetta Magnetic Bicycle Light Set - Be Seen Lights that attach to metal

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£21.98 incl tax

These are brilliant little 'be seen' lights that are small but powerful.

The beauty is that they are magnetic and by attaching them to something that attracts magnets (eg a steel bicycle frame!) you actually turn the light on. When you remove it the light automatically turns off.

The lights have 3 modes - static, slow flash and quick flash. One light has a red LED and the other has a white LED.

When not attatched to a bike they attract to each other and can be easily kept in the pocket (together they are only 45mm long!)

3 colours available:

> Bare alu
> Light grey
> Red

Italian design.

Weather resistant

Each light uses two small CR20302 'button' batteries which provides a run time of approximatley 40 hours.

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