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Steel Bicycle Lamp, Dynamo, Rack Spacer Bolt Assembly - M6 / 10mm

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£2.50 incl tax

This is a rather handy little bolt/nut assembly. It is primarily designed as a distance spacer so that your dynamo lamp is far enough away from your dynamo so that it does not interfere. However, we beleive it has other uses on bicycles such as for mounting lights elsewhere on the bike, as a rack spacer or for mounting other accessories in difficult locations, perhaps even mudguard fitting! If using as a rack spacer - be careful that this bolt does not bear all the weight of your rack/load.

> M6 Bolt
> Includes bolt, long spacer, washer, star washer and bolt
> Galvanised Steel
> Spacer is 60mm long
> Bolt overall length - 80mm
> Diameter of spacer - 10mm
> 20mm of thread on the bolt
> Sold in singles

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