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Halo Clickster Singlespeed Bicycle Freewheel 3/32" 6 pawl 72 pick up HIGH QUALITY

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£41.98 incl tax

You don't want Dicta freewheels because you like your cheese in a sandwich....and you don't want White Industries because, although they last nearly forever, they cost alot. These Freewheels are a very happy medium! They won't worry the cheese in your fridge and they will leave your pocket feeling happy!

Top quality screw-on Freewheels for the discerning single speed rider that wants super quick pick-up...

> High strength Cr-Mo body and cog.
> CNC 3/32" Cr-Mo teeth (can accept 3/32 or 1/8" chains).
> 6 pawls system.
> 72 point pick-up.
> 1.37"x 24T Standard R/H threaded.
> Body features "EZ-off" 4 dog tool removal slots.
> Black Oxide finished.
> Fit it and seek the trails or a worry-free commute...

3 SIZES: 16, 17 or 18 teeth

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