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Surly Jethro Tule - Singlespeed Fixed 15mm Bicycle Axle Nut Tool & Bottle Opener

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£25.49 incl tax

Even if you never use this tool in anger, it's a work of beauty, something to fondle in your pocket and use like a string of worry beads,

Surly's Jethro Tule pocket tool is crafted from stainless-steel, then polished to a high luster. It combines an offset box wrench on one end with a leverage-enhanced bottle opener on the other.

The double-sided 15mm box wrench works with most bolt-off hubs on the market.

It fits quite nicely inside recessed dropouts, including those found on the Surly 1x1, Karate Monkey, and Steamroller frames.

Quit carting around the Vice-grips; our smooth, spoon-shaped handle provides ergonomic pleasure for your palm under the most rigorous wheel-removing operations, at a fraction of the weight and bulk.

And, it snaps open the fizzy reliably before, during, and after the ride.

The Jethro Tule hangs nicely on a key chain and is light enough to carry comfortably anywhere.

Being 'Thick as a Brick', it is built to last and to resist bouncing out of your pocket during a rough single-track ride, or cross-town jaunt.

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