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'Rubber' foot for Pletscher Bicycle Kick Stand

£2.99 incl tax

if you own a Pletscher kickstand or are about to own one (or any other type) you will know/come to learn that the bare metal end of a kickstand doesn't hold onto the tarmac quite as well as rubber does. It also makes a horrible noise of bare alloy on tarmac - which in a long tour can really irritate - we know!

So a little rubber on the end can save many tears (where have we heard that one before...)

Internal diameter - approx. 12mm

These feet are deisgned to fit very tightly so they they do not fall off with road vibration. The method to fit them is to warm them up either in warm (not boiling!) water or on top of a warm radiator or in direct sunshine. This makes them a little softer and also expand a little so that the hole is able to slide over the leg of the stand a little easier. You do not need to use any type of tool to install the feet.

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