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VK Waterproof DUO Bike Cover - Keep 2 Bicycles Outdoors Clean & Dry

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£24.98 incl tax

We don't all have sheds, garages or other buildings to store our beloved bikes but that does not mean you have to leave it at the mercy of the elements! Simply covering your bicycle whilst it is stored outside can save you a LOT of money (and time) in servicing costs. They can also serve as a further deterrent to opportunist thieves.

This cover is good for covering a TWO regular bikes - eg road, mountain, hybrid, town etc - check the dimensions of your bike before choosing. Can be used inside or outside.

> Optimal protection for 2 bikes
> Dimensions: 250cm x 130cm
> Strong & waterproof
> Woven cover with eyelets and cord
> UV coated
> 5m cord to help prevent theft
> Lifespan: 7-10 years
> Weight: 750g

VK Bicycle Protective Covers - VK International is a Dutch manufacturer with more than 35 years experience in the bicycle industry. They specialise in bicycle protection and transportation. VK has expanded their portfolio over the years from one single bicycle cover to a well-segmented product line for lots of different requirements. With a large range to choose from, you are able to select a bicycle cover to suit your needs. VK’s durable bicycle covers have an average life span of around 7 years. All products come consistently packaged with detailing to explain the benefits of using VK bicycle covers.

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