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WOBS - Adult Bicycle Pogies - Hand Warmers that fit to your Handlebars - TOASTY!

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If you ride in stop start traffic, or make regular stops on your bicycle - perhaps you are even a bicycle courier, you will know the hassle of gloves. They make your hands feel like they have swollen and make it more difficult and uncomfortable (perhaps a little less safe) t operate your brake levers and/or gear shifters. Taking the gloves on and off is also a chore to say the least! Your problems are now solved - introducing WOBS!

WOBS are a Dutch designed handwarmer that fit semi-permanently onto your handlebars. When you remove your hands the WOBS stay in place and your hands are free to do what your hands do - completely unimpeded by the bulk of regular gloves. When you are ready to move off again your hands simply dive into the warmth, dry and comfort of the WOBS. Your hands are free to operate the brake levers and shifters directly.

For extra cold days, you can actually wear a pair of thinner gloves as well as using your WOBS - the best of both worlds.

These are the adult sized ones but a smaller size is available for children - search our shop for "WOBS"!

They are ECO friendly too - made mainly from recycled drinks bottles.

> Safe and secure
> Waterproof
> Reflective piping
> Furry warm lining
> Securing straps and sinch cords
> Eco construction
> Various patterns/colours

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