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Surly Moloko Bicycle Handlebar Bag - Bike Packing Gravel Adventure Riding!

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£64.99 incl tax

NOTE - handlebars NOT inlcuded - they can be bought separately.

The Moloko Adjunct Personal Effects Receptacle is a receptacle that is an adjunct accessory to the Moloko Handlebar and can hold many personal effects.

It’s made from urethane-coated nylon canvas and nestles nicely into the center of your Moloko Handlebars. Stick some bananas in it, stash an extra layer in it, or just fill it with cool rocks.

Upon close inspection, you might notice there’s a small hole in the side of the bag but don’t worry: it’s supposed to be there. It’s a port that allows you to keep an external light battery in the bag and run the cord out to the light attached to your bar.

Up top, you can secure gloves, empties and/or road kill to the outside via an elastic cord.

Can this be used on handlebars other than Moloko? Possibly on some, but not definitely on all!

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