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AXA Roll Retractable Bicycle Cable Lock with 3 Digit Combination - many uses!

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£9.98 incl tax

These locks are by no means the sort of lock you would leave with your bike unattended for long. They are designed more as an emergency lock or for situations where your bike is reasonably secure but just needs a little deterrent to stop thiefy-mc-thief-face having a go at robbing it.  They are often used by club cyclists at cafe stops where they can see their bike/s but just want that peace of mind that it is secure whilst their back is turned.

We also think these are very handy for locking more than just bikes - for example holiday luggage, suitcases, wheelchairs, scooters, panniers, helmets etc... We never travel anywhere without at least one!

> Cable length - 75cm
> Steel cable thickness - 1.6mm
> 3 number combination
> Cable retracts into lock body
> Slim and lightweight, fits in trouser/skirt pocket

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