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Problem Solvers Bicycle Cross Clamp/Pulley - Convert Front Mech Bottom >Top Pull

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A handy little device!

The Cross Clamps mount to your seat tube to make your top-routed cables compatible with bottom-pull road derailleurs.
Whaa? Well, you wanna race 'cross, right? But 'cross frames have top-routed cables, requiring a top-pull front derailleur. All the good, light components tend to be co-opted from road groups, which have bottom-pull-only derailleurs. Lots of 'cross frames have a mount for a pulley already integrated--the Cross Clamp allows you to do this with any frame. Get it?

Three Cross Clamp sizes to accommodate common seat tube diameters (choose from menu):

> 1 1/4"
> 1 1/8"
> 1 3/8"

Cable Pulleys replace worn Cross Clamp pulleys, or mount directly on pulley-ready frames

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