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Mucky Nutz Emergency Replacement Bicycle Derailleur Mech Hanger

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£7.99 incl tax

Have you ever been in a situation when you drop your bike and your mech hanger (drop out) snaps? It's not good is it?

This hanger is universal so is ideal if you have more than one bike, change your bike or cycle in a group

It's intended for use as a 'get me home' part, i.e. it's temporary. What you'll find is this hanger is a fraction the cost of a pucka part so what's the point spending £15 to £25 if you may never use it?

Simply take off your broken hanger and attach this in its place.

It's small and light enough to fit in your camelbak, saddle bag or even your pocket, without noticing it, and it'll save your little legs.

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