Surly Bikes & Frames

We are an official Surly dealer!

We stock a large range of Surly parts and accessories. We also sell the amazing range of Surly Bikes from the Straggler to the Karate Monkey through to the Big Dummy and Big Fat Dummy. These are all available to order as frames or complete bikes. We also offer a price match on Surly Bikes and Frames – please contact us via our contact form or email if you are interested in a price match deal on a Surly bike or frame.

Our particular favourites in the Surly bike range are the Surly Big Dummy and the Surly Big Fat Dummy.

Surly Big Dummy Longtail

The Surly Big Dummy was introduced in 2009 In collaboration with Xtracycle in the USA (the longbike pioneers). It’s a versatile, sophisticated and modular Cargo Bike which can also be used to carry children – and adults!


The collaboration between Surly and Xtracycle means that most of the Xtracycle accessories are compatible with the Big Dummy frameset (except Xtracycle LT2 2nd generation parts). Practical Cycles have the range of accessories for the Xtracycle and Surly Big Dummy available to buy.

Surly now produce their own small range of Cargo accessories specifically for the Big Dummy. They work in a similar way to the Xtracycle Parts (some of which can still be used on the Big Dummy). See our Ebay shop page for details and prices.

Unlike the Xtracycle ‘LEAP’ Kit, which converts a regular bicycle into the Xtracycle long bike, the Surly Big Dummy is a one-piece frame and fork set that is a ready made longbike frame (so no conversion is necessary).

This means a stronger and stiffer set up than the Xtracycle and thus a larger payload. So if you want to transport really heavy cargo the Surly Big Dummy may be the better option for you.

Practical Cycles can sell you a Surly Big Dummy frame and forkset for you to build yourself. Surly also produce a complete ‘off-the-peg’ bike to their own specification which is also available to buy, please contact us if you are interested.

Surly Big FAT Dummy


The Big Fat Dummy was introduced in 2017 – it is similar to the Big Dummy but allows for massive tyres to be used – in effect it’s a Fat Cargo Bike! This allows you to attempt more challenging terrain with your cargo – eg snow, sand, mud and custard etc.

The Big Fat Dummy uses some specific accessories that are not compatible with the regular Big Dummy. However, the complete bike and frameset comes with racks, Racklocks, Deck and bags so it all works in complete harmony.

The Surly Big Fat Dummy Cargo Bike and frame is available to buy – get in touch if you are interested.

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