Surly Bill & Ted Trailers

Surly Bill & Ted Cargo Trailers

Trailers for bicycles are ten a penny nowadays and the concept is nothing new. However, trailers that are safe, can be loaded to the hilt, are customisable, steady when loaded, steady when unladen, and reasonably cheap to buy off-the-shelf are few and far between. The Surly Bill and Ted trailers fill an important gap in the market!


The Surly Trailer comes in two sizes; The Bill is the longest of the two and has a load area of 1608 x 610mm and the Ted has a load area of 813 x 610mm.

The base is made from TIG-welded 4130 Cro-moly steel which is super strong. The 16″ wheels are also very strong – small wheels are brilliant at carrying heavy loads.

Both the Bill and Ted trailers require their own hitch which Surly also make. If you buy the trailer without this hitch you will find it very difficult to fit it safely to any kind of bike. We strongly recommend that you buy the Surly hitch as it is both adaptable for a varity of bike types/sizes and also sturdy which means that towing your trailer will be a safe and enjoyable experience. There is even a specific hitch that permits the use of the trailers with the Surly Big Dummy Cargo Bike!

The Surly trailer is for carrying stuff. The load bed of the trailer is completely flat and has threaded bosses to which all manner of things can be bolted such as your own wooden base or perhaps even a box to carry your gardening equipment for example.

The one thing that the Surly Bill or Ted trailer is NOT for is carrying humans or animals. It’s simply too dangerous to do that – you have been warned.

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